Multimodality therapy for mesothelioma

This therapy is a combination of three or more treatment steps, such as surgery, postoperative chemotherapy and radiation therapy to increase the success rate of treatment.

Research phase of mesothelioma meaning

The doctor will inform the patient about the treatment methods that are still in the research stage. However, the possibility of a patient to recover is not yet known with certainty, so it needs to be carefully considered. On the other hand, this method of treatment can increase the chance of doctors to learn more about the treatment of mesothelioma. There are several methods of treatment that are still in the research phase that can be carried out by patients, namely:

Biological therapy which using the patient’s immune system to fight cancer, also called immunotherapy.

Gene therapy which changes the genes contained in cancer cells to stop this disease.

Target therapy which use drugs to attack abnormalities that occur in cancer cells.

Supporting treatment. This treatment can help sufferers in controlling the signs and symptoms of mesothelioma, such as:

– Respiratory exercises, to control breathing when the patient experiences symptoms of difficulty breathing.

– Body relaxation exercises, to reduce breathing muscle tension, so that patients can breathe more easily.

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