List of movies that you might enjoy watching with friends

Italy has become a world favorite destination for traveling. Italy has places with special historical buildings. Italy has two famous cities, namely Venice and Rome. No wonder if Italy is also often the favorite world of film to work on films. Here are the choices of Italian-set movies that will entertain you for watching on weekends:

-When in Rome

The movie When In Rome tells the story of a woman named Beth who is less fortunate in love. One day, he visited Italy to attend his sister’s wedding which was suddenly carried out.

While in Rome, Beth came to a place called a love spring that supposedly said, if he threw a coin into the pool, the person would meet his soul mate. Instead of throwing a coin, Beth just took the coins in the pool and unique, immediately, some unknown man tried to follow Beth wherever he went. The film stars Christian Bell and Josh Duhammel.

-Under The Tuscan Sun

Under The Tuscan Sun tells the story of a woman named Frances Mayes who is a writer and has just divorced her husband. He then visited Italy and decided to buy a villa in Tuscany in hopes of changing his life for the better than before. Frances enjoys her new life along with beautiful views of Tuscany in Italy.

-The Tourist

The Tourist film is played by two famous stars, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Taking the setting in the city of Venice, The Tourist tells about an American tourist named Frank who visited Italy to heal his heart’s wounds. On the train he meets a mysterious and beautiful woman named Elise.

Apparently, Elise kept a secret that she was the lover of a well-known fugitive criminal named Alexander. No one knows what Alexander looks like except that Alexander will never be far from Elise. The police who knew about it continued to follow Elise and set up a trap to find Alexander. While at the same time, Frank and Elise got closer.

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