How Many Calories in a Red Apple for a Diet?

The use of apples for diet seems to have been known by many people. Materials already prove it and lose weight. The diet method with red apple is a healthy and natural diet. You don’t need to use special supplements to lose weight. However, if you do not eat apples correctly, the possibility is that there is pain or nausea in the stomach. So even though the apple diet is healthy, you still have to pay attention to the number of calories consumed. Determining how many calories in an apple for a diet can be measured based on your calorie needs. One red apple has fewer calories than 60 kcal. Every 100 grams of red apple contains 63 kcal. This number of calories is very low compared to other fruits, especially bananas which are commonly used for diet. Then should red apples be used for dieting? Actually red apples and green apples have a difference in calories by 10%. This difference is not too much, red apples have 10% more calories than green apples. Although many people use green apple for a diet because the calories are low, but red apples are no less effective for the diet.

When dieting, you need calorie intake that suits your needs. Especially if you really only diet with apples, it’s better to choose red apples. No need to worry because the calorie content of red apples will not make you gain weight. Red apples actually contain high antioxidants. Then red apples can help you form your immune system. This antioxidant you really need when you are on a diet so you don’t get sick easily. Red apples do not contain fat at all so it is safe for weight. If you diet only eat apples, red apples are perfect because the calories are more suitable and give you the power to do activities for one day. Your body is also healthier and not easily hurt during the diet process, the results obtained can later be satisfying.